Aqualis Completes M&A with Braemar Technical Services

Aqualis ASA, the father of marine and offshore engineering consultancy Aqualis Offshore, has efficiently fulfilled all circumstances related to its settlement to acquire the offshore, adjusting and marine consultancy business from Braemar Shipping Services Plc.

Via this transaction, clients of the now renamed AqualisBraemar will benefit from access to new abilities, a broader suite of services, a much bigger workforce, and expanded geographical footprint to enable even quicker operational assistance at or in close proximity to their workplaces and assets.

“I’ve was waiting for. Combining our firms gives us better critical mass within the energy, insurance and shipping businesses and means we will be significantly better placed going forward. With our larger scale, increased resources and our proficient people, our capacity to fulfill our clients’ needs is greatly improved. Our intention is to satisfy the growing expectations of our industry globally and to be acknowledged as the ’go to’ advisor of the energy, marine, and insurance markets. The work for ensuring a successful integration begins now,” said David Wells, CEO of AqualisBraemar.

AqualisBraemar is a number one offshore, adjusting, marine and renewables consultancy group with an expanded service offering throughout all crucial basins. The group is now represented with 48 offices in 33 nations, with over 430 full-time employees globally and a physical presence on all five continents.

Following the completion of the deal, Braemar would be the largest shareholder in AqualisBraemar with a preliminary shareholding of roughly 26%, potentially rising to 33% relying on business efficiency.