World Petroleum Council Selects Calgary to Host 2023 Oil & Gas Forum

Calgary is elected to host the World Petroleum Council in 2023, striking out four different global cities in voting that occurred in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Held once every three years, Council attracts industry and administrative leaders from all over the world, including government heads of state and ministers of power.

Naheed Nenshi, who was in St. Petersburg for voting, stated in a video uploaded to social media that the selection is “a shot in the branch for the Canadian energy sector.”

Calgary hosted the World Petroleum Council in the year 2000 and brought in new police officers from British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba in expectation of massive demonstrations which never formed.

A press release from the World Petroleum Council Canada calls the occasion the “Olympics of oil and gas,” noting it should usher in an estimated 5,000 delegates to the town.

“People were excited to know more about Canadian energy. They perceive that Calgary remains the epicenter — the global center for the world oil and gas trade, and here’s the possibility to showcase our innovation, our environmental stewardship, and our sustainability,” Nenshi stated in the video from St. Petersburg, sitting beside Denis Painchaud, chairman of WPC Canada.

“We’ll meet the world in 2023,” Nensi added.

Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan Dubai, UAE Baku, Azerbaijan, and Argentina, Buenos Aire, additionally took part to host the occasion.

The final session of voting between Calgary and Baku was close — 21 to 20.

WPC Canada mentioned the Council is expected to incorporate over 80 national officials, 700 expert speakers, 500 CEOs, 800 media, and 400 exhibiting firms.