Kuhn 3 Well Resumes Oil Production in South Texas

Emerald Bay Energy Inc. has introduced that operations to reinforce oil recovery from the Kuhn 3 well are complete, and the well is now back on production. The Firm beforehand accomplished a big acid job to increase in-flow from the structure, and a positive displacement progressive cavity pump has now been installed to pump the high fluid volume. The new pumping system is able to produce up to 2,000 bpd of fluid in comparison with approximately 120 bpd from the earlier standard rod pump. It is expected that Kuhn 3 will produce a high fluid quantity with an oil reduction between 2 and 4%.

Shelby Beattie, president, and CEO of the corporate commented, “We’re more than happy to have Kuhn 3 on production, and whereas the exploration procedure is inherently dangerous and can take time to achieve success, it can also be very satisfying. Since Kuhn 3, 4 and A5 are all producing, we will operate with our companions to resume operations in what we consider to be the prime goal for exploration and growth at Wooden Horse, horizontally drilled wells in the higher zone of the Edwards formation.”

Thus far, the Company has drilled and completed one horizontal well in the Edwards formation, the Kuhn 1H well. Kuhn 1H was drilled horizontally in what’s the lower of the two potentially productive zones in the structure. At the time, the Firm and its companions chose to drill in the lower zone of the formation for a number of elements including one of the companions’ experience with profitable wells in the lower region roughly 13 mi away from Wooden Horse. To supply Kuhn 1H, the Firm drilled disposal well capable of injecting 40,000 bpd and constructed the facilities capable of dealing with roughly 10,000 bpd. Kuhn 1H pumped for more than a year from the lower zone, and oil generation was minimal.