China’s Private Oil Refiners Buying a Large Number of Crude

All the Crude Oil imported to China Private Crude Oil refineries in Shandong Province on east China’s seaboard brought in 8.36% of in the Year 2016, as they capitalized on the federal government’s decision to offer them Inexperienced Gentle to introduce Black Gold.

These refineries in Shandong imported 15.61-M tonnes of Crude between January and June, which cost RMB 27.77-B ($4.16-B) and accounted for 70.2% of the province’s total Crude imports, officials with the provincial Department of Commerce said.

The nation imported 186.53-M tonne of Crude in the frame.

It is only last year that the central government permitted private refineries to import Crude Oil directly.

The license, in the form of import and processing quotas, was significant enhance to Shandong, an economic powerhouse in the nation and also residence to the majority of China’s private refineries.

Under the rules and regulation set by the government, the refineries have to be granted a quota for Crude imports from the Ministry of Commerce, as well as an allowance to process imported Crude from the National Development and Reform Commission.

Eleven number of refineries in Shandong have secured import quotas, totaling 41.43-M tonnes, which makes up 75.9% of all the allowances granted to private refineries across China. They imported 7.488-M tonnes of Crude in Q-1 of the year, accounting for 8.2% of the country’s total Crude import in the frame, according to the Department of Commerce.