Acquoria Hydro Plant Hosted an Interactive and Meaningful Exhibition

Designed by company Dotdotdot, the facility plant’s interactive exhibition is multimedia expertise to find the five sources of fresh and renewable power: hydro, geothermal, wind, marine, and solar. The target is to offer a revolutionary method to explain how renewable power is created and to focus on the excellence of the area.

The Interactive Plants venture tells the story of power in a progressive method, organizing a story setting that, in its simplicity and flexibility to the completely different areas of the services involved, manages to maneuver and contain individuals. The journey begins instantly with a spark: power embedded in every one of us. A digicam outfitted with depth sensors detects the motion of tourists, which is reworked into watts to quantify the vitality produced by the physique. There is no such thing as a lack of historical features and the timeline of technological discoveries, however, revised in an interactive mild. The tour culminates in a round and immersive surrounding, with a 360° projection that explains the operation of the five sources of power utilizing movies and graphic animations.

To bodily accompany guests on their exploration, along with the “human” guides, there will probably be every so often digital alter-egos or characters of the varied forms of power. Hydro for hydroelectric power, Gaia for geothermal power, Mariasole for solar power, Levante for wind vitality, and Marina for marine power.

The Acquoria energy plant is situated on the left financial institution of the Aniene River, beneath the archaeological complicated of the Sanctuary of Hercules, the Winner, one of many oldest non-secular buildings in history. Two small-scale crops had been constructed earlier than the present energy plant; the primary was inbuilt 1884 by engineer Gaulard and aimed toward lighting Tivoli, whereas the second was inaugurated in 1892. The plant was later developed in 1929 by including three models consisting of Francis generators and alternator with vertical axis and energy of 17 MVA every, powered by the brand new San Giovanni waterway. The plant at the moment produces 154 GWh with the two teams put in on the San Giovanni waterway and a pair of.9 GWh with a group put in on the Vescovali waterway for a complete of 157 GWh.