API Highlights Energy Advantages Ahead of 2020 Presidential Elections

The American Petroleum Institute(API) is venturing headlong into the political arena as the 2020 presidential election approaches.

Mike Sommers, the institute’s CEO Tuesday, said the oil and gas trade hopes that it can remind Americans of how the deal benefits them as some leading presidential contenders and their followers claim the planet would be better off if the usage of fossil fuels were deserted.

The report highlights positive impacts the institute asserts are being felt in communities across the country due to ample American energy supplies, notably natural fuel.

It attributed that growth to the appearance of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing, technological improvements that Sommers likened to the same level of importance as the development of the iPhone.

Jobs creation is a significant influence in areas where the business is actively producing, both inside the industry and in different economic segments that support these workers, the report states.

In other areas of the nation, businesses that use natural gas to supply various consumable goods and are paying lower fuel costs to move those goods are benefiting. At the same time, households are also enjoying lower energy prices to heat and cool their houses as energy providers change aging coal-fired plants with services that use natural gasoline to generate electricity.

It further devotes space to discuss how the increased use of natural gas to generate electricity has undoubtedly impacted the country’s emissions levels.