Texas Regulator List Down States Companies Responsible for Natural Gas Flaring

One of Texas’ oil and gas regulators Tuesday defended the state’s high rate of natural gas flaring; however, he named corporations that burned off the most gas and stated he would hold public conferences on the controversial practice.Texas Regulator List Down States Companies Responsible for Natural Gas Flaring

Flaring, or deliberately burning fuel produced alongside oil, has soared with a crude production in Texas; however, it can worsen climate change by delivering carbon dioxide. The report features a set of flaring and venting data to be updated quarterly, the first set of such data the state has launched.

Ryan Sitton, one of three elected oil and gas regulators, stated Texas’ flaring depth is lower than other oil-producing areas, along with North Dakota, Iran, Iraq, and Russia.

Its flare volumes – nearly 650,000 thousand cubic feet per day (Mcf/d) in 2018 – are “high for latest history” but don’t exceed some years in the Fifties, based on Sitton’s report.

EP Energy, Endeavor Energy Resources, Surge Operating, and Jagged Peak Energy had the state’s highest rates of “flaring intensity,” a measurement of flaring volume in opposition to oil production, based on the report.

The corporations couldn’t be reached immediately for comment; however, Jagged Peak was recently bought by Parsley Energy, whose CEO has criticized Jagged Peak’s excessive flaring rates.

Oil drillers tend to flare or vent fuel when they lack pipelines to shift it to market, or rates are too low to make transporting it profitable.

Venting delivers unburned methane, which is many times stronger than carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas.