Crowcon Develops HMI to Provide Complete Gas and Danger Detection Solution

Crowcon has engineered an HMI solution that performs complete system visibility. The system can run along with current DCS/SCADA/PLC programs or replicate panels that are used to watch more extensive system views, often uniting different sensors including safety, flow, smoke, and fire.

Crowcon’s product supervisor William Allum explains, “This solution allows our clients to view data from a number of panels from one central display. Because of the system being able to store alarm and event logs, clients can soon understand the signs of an issue as they view the data and identify the precise location.

Vortex & Gasmaster HMI employs permit activated software program run from a dedicated touchscreen panel. Because the system is modular, users specify the required variety of input converters to connect multiple controllers in their system. It controls as much as six Vortex panels or racks, or up to 10 Gasmaster controllers running on one system, so either Vortex or Gasmaster.”

The display reveals gas levels from all detectors from the connected panel simultaneously and allows the user to modify or test a system easily. It’s now possible to see the details of each controller inside a system, along with alarm indications, as well as the whole configuration and site of each gas detector.

Users may see possible developments inside the alerts. For instance, an alarm in a particular location could also be triggered regularly. That is due to the improvement of one-hour ‘trend visibility by gasoline’ function.

The Crowcon HMI can link with the controller through RS-485 MODBUS or ethernet cable that are capable of long-distance connectivity.