Dexter Quinn
Chief Editor

Hi and welcome to Chemicals Box News. I am Dexter, the editor in chief of the website. In this site, all the articles that you see are the hard work of the people here. They have molded the organization up day by day with their talent and skills. These individuals have found the secret of success, and that’s unity. I am very proud to be a part of a team like this.

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Stacy Frick
Sub Editor

Stacy is working as the sub-editor of the website. She is a very hard working personality. She has worked on many other projects associated with the industry. She always has the mentality to finish her whole work even if it’s a massive burden. Her these qualities have amazed me from the start and have made me believe in her with significant responsibilities too.

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Gary Foret

Gary is handling the column dealing with news related to petroleum. He knows well about the importance of this category and hence focuses on the quality and the authenticity of the articles. Apart from being such an efficient writer, he also loves to paint. He overall is a very creative person, and this has proven to be very beneficial for the website.

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Ann Potts

Ann is the leading the team writing for power and energy column. Her extraordinary leadership values have affected the progress of her team. She is very much loved and respected her team members. She has a very nice problem-solving approach to every challenge that she and her team faces. Apart from all these skills, she has one more skill, and that is cooking delicious food which again we enjoy a lot.

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Loren Dawson

Loren is handling the column with news about crude oil. Apart from being an extraordinary writer, he is also an excellent speaker. His words are always very logical and hold a deep base to it. Conversations with him are funny as well as meaningful. He dreams of bringing a change in society with his skills, and I will not lie, but he is quite close to it.

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Susie Rodgers

Susie is working for the column providing news articles for the natural gas category. She worked in many plants until she decided to be a writer and write about the sector enhancing it with her on hand experiences. She is a very down to earth person and loves to stay at her cubicle doing all the editing. Time management is her story of success, and we are fortunate to have her on board.

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