Polish Officials Suggest EU to Scrap Emissions Trading Scheme

The European Union tought to diminish its Emissions Trading System or exclude Poland from the scheme, which helps fight global warming, to free up funds for Warsaw to battle the consequences of COVID-19, a senior Polish official stated.

Polish Officials Suggest EU to Scrap Emissions Trading Scheme

Under the ETS, the EU charges for the right to emit CO2. European energy generators, industrial emitters and airways flying flights within the EU should buy licenses to cover their emissions.

COVID-19 sickness has killed five people and infected 205 in Poland, which has prohibited foreigners from entering, shut faculties and capped public gatherings at 50 people.

Kowalski suggested the government might talk about the bid after the coronavirus has intensified.

Poland produces most of its electricity from coal. Kowalski stated he would expect other states in central and eastern Europe to assist the proposal.

Poland is the only EU state that refused at a December summit to dedicate to climate neutrality by 2050.

However, the Czech PM stated Monday the EU ought to focus for now on fighting the coronavirus rather than its “Green Deal” policy proposal to deal with climate change, and Kowalski stated he agreed.

Asked about Kowalski’s remarks, the EU executive, the European Commission, mentioned it couldn’t bet on the potential implications of COVID-19, the respiratory sickness the virus causes, in individual policy sectors.